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Kat Yrizarry

Posted By Kat Yrizarry || 25-Aug-2020

I've always felt like I had to work harder than anyone in my office to just be an average employee - I always had to read every email twice to make sure I wasn't misinterpreting what the content was. It was exhausting. After my youngest daughter was diagnosed with ADD, her provider encouraged me to read some books on ADD and see how I could be a more supportive parent. He gave me the names of some books and I ordered them from Amazon. The first book "Smart but Scattered" was not really engaging for me, so I skimmed through it, When I started reading "Women with Attention Deficit Disorder" by Sari Solden, I cried. Everything came pouring out of me in those tears. All of the internal struggle of feeling like I was never good enough, being told I was lazy by my high school teachers because I wasn't living up to my potential. Missing my doctor appointments, my children's doctor appointments, dinners with family and friends. Constantly rescheduling everything I missed and having a ton of sticky-notes all over the house as reminders of what needed to be done. I was just never able to get it together or keep it together. I asked my healthcare provider to see if I should be tested. She referred me to an LCSW in her office and I knew right away when he told me that ADD was over-diagnosed that he wasn't interested in viewing me without bias. Once again I was trying to just get by. It took a different provider to get another referral to someone who specialized in this testing for a new test and more questions. This time I was heard. The test was lengthy and I struggled with some of it. At the end of the test he looked at me and said this should have been diagnosed years ago. I really did have ADD and I wasn't lazy or stupid. This is a real diagnosis and I can get help. Real help to figure out how to navigate this world with executive functioning challenges. I have an amazing therapist who is working through this with me and teaching me how to embrace who I am, while learning how to organize my life, and the best part is - I'm successfully doing it. You have to ask for help. Sometimes you have to ask twice. Don't give up. You're worth the time and the energy!
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