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Frederick Nkwasibwe

Posted By Frederick Nkwasibwe || 23-Sep-2019

Prior to following Choose Well, I did not take seriously how self-care is key not only to achieving productivity, efficiency, and high performance levels, but also to personal happiness. I was working too much, including writing my book, and giving less time for self-care. There are moments when I felt I was not feeling feeling well, but had not identified the problem. Even the health care provider had not found the real problem. Then, Choose Well, led me to discover that absense of self-care could result into burnout. Eventually,I discovered that I needed to treasure self-care practices, including meditating, choosing my food well, and making enough exercises. I started to walk or jog for a minimum of 30 minutes a day for a minumum of three days a weel. The outcome was amazing. After 4 months, I realized the difference. My burnout had disappeared.
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