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James Lee

Posted By James Lee || 30-Nov-2019

Since diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my eating habits have changed. Less cookies although I liked the ginger cookies as the ginger soothes your stomach aches. The fact that I could not indulge in with the kids in a bucket of ice cream and binge on cookies has been a trial. But as I began to eat healthier and better, the foods when I fall off the wagon tastes too sweet and too salty. It just goes to show where commercial food preparation puts so much sugar and salt that is over indulgent. This however made me start losing weight. I am small stature to begin with so loss of weight was not what I expected. I feel that watching what I eat is making me feel better and less sluggish. I think it was because I was DM 2 that was making me so sluggish. So this has helped me change a lot. Get yourself checked out if you haven't. Even this physician needed a physician.
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