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Puspita Majumdar

Posted By Puspita Majumdar || 28-Mar-2018

Choose Well is a great program. It engages people to do regular activities. Being a dietitian healthy eating is always a part of my life and I make sure my family eats healthy too. However, since I have started this program, it became my main discussion topic while attending weekend party with my friends or community activities. I started counting my steps that I never did before. It was very exciting to me when first time I completed 10,000 steps, however, 10,000 became a standard number now.This is not only for earning the points, it became a daily challenge because I started competing with my daughter. I improved my endurance and bacame more physically active after starting this program. Not only healthy eating or activities, Choose Well has a wide variety of options that will help making positive changes in your life. The most important thing is that after one year of practicing these healthy activities, I believe, it will eventually help people in changing their life style.
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