Financial Fitness

Take some time to focus on your finances. Work, health, and life events all change how we manage our money, and there is a powerful link between our health and our finances. Stay financially fit with these tools.

Financial Wellness Checkup

Whether you're dealing with debt or unexpected expenses, knowing where you stand is the first step to financial fitness.

Create a Budget

Living within your limits keeps your personal finances healthy. Learn about some budgeting rules of thumb.

Reduce My Debt

Learn how to establish a budget, create a savings plan, and work toward paying down debt.


Visit the HR Service Portal for detailed retirement plan information, articles, FAQs, and many other useful resources to help you reach your retirement goals.

Tools and Calculators

Take the guesswork out of saving for retirement and assist in building an income strategy.

Learning Events

Fidelity conducts live webinars each month that cover a broad range of financial topics.

Fidelity Workplace Financial Consultants are available at no additional cost to you. They are financial professionals dedicated to helping our caregivers save and plan for retirement. A consultant can help you address financial wellness concerns like student debt and budgeting. They can also help with enrollment, maximizing contributions, asset allocation, retirement planning, and using the Fidelity tools. Ready to speak with a consultant today? Call 866-630-9722 to speak with a consultant or schedule a complimentary appointment online at Enter “Providence St. Joseph Health” as the employer.

Fidelity tiene traductores disponibles que pueden estar en el teléfono con usted mientras habla con un planificador de jubilación de Fidelity o con el centro de servicio de Fidelity. Cuando llame al (800) 642-7131, solo pida que le comuniquen con un traductor que hable Español.

Mayroong mga tagapagsaling-wika ang Fidelity na maaari mong makasama sa telepono habang nakikipag-usap ka sa isang Fidelity Retirement Planner o ang Fidelity Service Center. Kapag tumawag ka (800) 642-7131, hilinging magsama ng isang tapagsaling-wika sa telepono na nagsasalita ng Tagalog.

富達(Fidelity)有翻譯,可以在您與富達退休規劃師(Fidelity Retirement Planner)或富達服務中心(Fidelity Service Center)電話聯繫時為您提供幫助。您致電時 (800) 642-7131,只需要求會說 語種 的翻譯加入通話。

Fidelity có phiên dịch viên sẵn sàng hỗ trợ bạn qua điện thoại trong khi bạn trao đổi với Nhân viên Lập kế hoạch Hưu trí của Fidelity hoặc với Trung tâm Dịch vụ Fidelity. Khi gọi điện đến (800) 642-7131, bạn chỉ cần yêu cầu phiên dịch qua điện thoại nói tiếng Việt.

Компания Fidelity предоставляет услуги переводчиков, которые будут сопровождать ваш телефонный разговор с сотрудником Fidelity по вопросам планирования выхода на пенсию (Fidelity Retirement Planner) или сотрудником центра обслуживания клиентов Fidelity (Fidelity Service Center). Просто укажите в начале разговора 800-642-7131, что вы нуждаетесь в русскоязычном переводчике.

Fidelity waxay haysataa turjubaano la heli karo kuwaas oo kugula jiri kara telefoonka marka aad la hadasho Qorsheeyaha Hawl gabka Fidelity Ama Xarunta Adeega Fidelity. Markaad soo wacdo (800) 642-7131, waydii in turjubaanka la keeno telefoonka kaas oo ku hadla Soomaali.

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