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Choose Well Family of Resources

Back-Up Child and Elder Care

Bright Horizons offers family care support.

‚ÄčLearn more here.

Behavioral Health Concierge

This confidential service, offered exclusively to caregivers and dependents, provides access to highly skilled, licensed clinicians, by video or phone. This program does not replace the Caregiver Assistance Program, but is an enhanced service for behavioral health needs.

The Behavioral Health Concierge offers:

  • Expedited access to licensed behavioral health professionals
  • Appointments via video or phone
  • Comprehensive assessment supported by digital tools
  • Support for caregivers and their families
  • Prescription of digital therapeutics
  • Counseling, care navigation, and self-help tools
  • 10 visits, per issue, per year at no cost to you
  • Appointments available 7am - 8pm

Call the Behavioral Health Concierge at 833-PBH-WELL; 833-724-9355, 7am-8pm PST and 8am-9pm MST 7 days a week

Caregiver Assistance Program

Find support with one of the free resources below.

Optum: All Caregives except Alaska

Optum offers a large mental health provider network, and industry-leading digital tools and resources. Free, confidential resources and support are available for you and your family.

Virtual Visits: Click here to get started.

Access online resources at (access code: choosewell)

Lyra: Alaska Caregivers Only

Lyra matches you with the best therapists and coaches that can work with your schedule, including in person, live video and self-guided care. Real time availability is frequently updated online for some providers, or try Lyra's video coaching or self-care apps.

24/7 toll free phone access: 844-311-6223

Choose Well Discounts

Never get so busy making a living that you never make a life! Keep your work-life balanced with access to discounts for a variety of retail goods and services in our communities.Receive discounts at thousands of recreational, cultural, travel and wellness-related businesses and is designed to help you improve your well-being by taking advantage of fun, healthy activities for you and your family at special discounted rates. Go to the Programs section of your Choose Well account or click here to start saving.

Financial Well-Being

Get tips and tools for staying on top of all life's money matters-from paying down debt and keeping up with bills, to budgeting and saving for the future. Check out the Programs section of your Choose Well account to learn more about:

Money Check Up:

Call it financial wellness, call it financial independence or freedom. Whatever you call it, it’s about having a sense of control over your money, and feeling confident with the path you’re on and the decisions you’re making. Amid the swirl of day-to-day expenses, college planning, managing credit and debt, and everything in between, are you confident that you are financially well? Find out.

Introducing your personal money checkup. Based on your responses, it calculates your best financial approach, considering your age, saving and spending habits, and other information unique to you. In 10 minutes or less, you’ll get a summary of your strengths, areas of opportunity, and the tips and tools to help improve your financial picture today and into the future.

We all want to get up to speed financially, and the truth is, we’re all capable of doing it. What will your financial story reveal about you? Get your money checkup today. Earn 1,000 points for completing the Money Checkup. Points will be loaded into your account on a quarterly basis.

Saving: Learn about the power of small amounts.

Student Loan Forgiveness: Need help with student debt?

Retirement: Explore what's on the horizon.

Tuition Reimbursement:

Advance your career through higher education and by acquiring applicable technical skills. The Tuition Reimbursement program offers financial assistance for you to take educational courses to improve your present job skills or to enhance your potential for promotion.

With Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions you will have access to:

  • A simple Web-based approach to receive tuition reimbursement
  • Personalized education and finance coaching from experts
  • Exclusive tuition discounts and other savings at 220+ schools

Get started here.

Nicotine Free

Ready. Set. Quit. We can help you start living tobocco free. The Quit for Life Program tailors a quitting plan unique to you using a critical mix of phone-based coaching, text messaging, online learning, medication, and support tools. Earn 500 points for enrolling and 5,000 points for completing the program. Points are loaded on a weekly basis. Click here to get started.

Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention Program

Reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. Be inspired to lose weight, get moving, and feel fantastic.


Omada is a convenient online program designed to help you lose weight,feel fantastic, and reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Discover small, sustainable ways to eat healthier, move more, sleep better, and manage stress. Earn 10,000 points by completing 12 lessons. Points added on a quarterly basis.
Apply today and you’ll get all this:

  • Interactive app to guide your journey
  • Professional health coach for ongoing support
  • Connected scale to monitor progress (and keep for good)
  • Online community personalized to your interests
  • Weekly lessons to educate and inspire you See if you’re eligible or learn more about Omada.

Availability subject to medical plan enrollment. To learn more, watch a two-minute video and see if you’re eligible by taking a one-minute risk test. Click hereto get started.